Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Linux Basic - Part 2

If you want to see path settings in linux, apply the following command

echo $PATH

it will show current path settings.

if you run echo * command, it will show a list of files/folder in current directory.

Now if you want to see a list of files/folders which are starting with D, apply echo D*

If you need to see a list of files/folders which are ending with s, apply echo *s

If you need to know your home directory location, use echo ~

If you apply echo /usr/*/share it will show you a list which location match /usr/ then anything then /share

If you want to do match in linux terminal, use as echo $((2+2)) Here You must start with $(( and end with ))

You can also do a long match like echo $(( ((2+2)-(1+1))*2 )) it will output 4

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